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June 6th Auction Update

1) Sevierville Convention Center is requiring EVERYONE to have their temperature checked prior to entering the building.  Your temperature will be checked using a non-contact thermal camera.  If the temperature is over 100.4° you cannot enter the building.  The front of the the building will be locked and you must enter through the back dock area.  Wristbands are issued once you pass the temperature screening. You will be required to have the wristband on in order to be in the building.

2)  Masks are not required but are strongly recommended by the Sevierville Convention Center.

3) Hand sanitizer stations will be setup in the event hall for anyone to use.

4) The auctioneer and ticket writer will be behind a roped off area that will move with the auctioneer to provide them the required social distancing.  You will be given plenty of time to inspect all items but once the auction starts you will not be able to play or touch the games as the auctioneer is selling those particular items.   This is not saying you cannot play the games once the auction starts.  Just that you cannot play the games in the area that the auctioneer is selling at that moment. 

5) Because of distancing requirements the sale will look much different from what everyone is accustomed to. Items will be placed in spaced rows based more on the order it arrives than by its subcategory.  This is simply because of the many unknowns such as number of items, number of kinds of items, space the subcategories would encompass when spread out, etc.  That said, the pinball machines will be where we wrap up the auction.

6) We are asking that everyone help us by being mindful of the other customers and providing them with the space needed to keep everyone comfortable and safe.  If we do not comply, the chances of not being able to conduct future auctions will be greatly impacted. 

This whole experience will be a learning experience for everyone. I think with everyone’s assistance and consideration we will make it through safely.  If anyone has any suggestions that they would like to add please feel free to contact me via email at
 and I will do my best to respond in a timely manner.