Arcade Equipment Auctions

I just wanted to let everyone know about a few changes that are going into effect for 2022. We have made announcements at the last three auctions concerning these changes.
The first change is concerning the hours that we will accept equipment on the Friday before the auction. In the past, the Friday hours were from noon until 9pm. The new hours will be from 10am until 7pm. We will be closing down for the night at 7pm. We have noticed recently that the majority of the equipment has been coming in earlier in the day and we have not been getting much equipment after 7pm. This change will also allow our staff to be able to go get something to eat after a long day and get some rest & relaxation in preparation for another long day on the day of the sale.
The second change is something we announced at the last three auctions but did not have all the details worked out. We are making a change to the fee structure when buying an item. Auction Game Sales has not made any changes to the fees we charge since 2016. While we have not changed our fees, we have incurred significant increases in the cost of conducting the sales. We have tried to create a fee structure that is fair for everyone while allowing us to increase our revenue to help offset the additional cost that we are now incurring when we conduct the sales. We will now charge a 5% buyer’s premium for ALL buyers. There will be a minimum buyer’s premium of $10 per item and this buyer’s premium will have a maximum cap of $50 per item. THERE WILL BE NO CHANGES TO THE SELLER’S FEE.
Thank you,
Auction Game Sales

Policy Change

Effective Immediately

All “NO BID” items MUST be removed by the consignor from the auction location that day.

For any equipment left behind. Consignors will be assessed a removal fee as follows:

$50 per arcade game/miscellaneous items

$100 per Air Hockey/Pool Table or other large item.

We have no means to dispose of “NO BID” items other than to try to give them away, which is getting more & more difficult!