4 Fun Facts About the Pinball Machine

Whether in an arcade, a bowling alley, or even in the comfort of your own home, we’ve all enjoyed a round or two of pinball in our time. With the flashing lights and intense concentration, pinball is such a fun game! However, there was a time when pinball wasn’t too well liked. Shocking, right?

Auction Games Sales has compiled 4 fun facts about pinball that you need to know! Some of them may even shock you.

Pinball Was Illegal at One Point in Time

From the 1940s to the mid-1970s, pinball was actually outlawed in many large cities in the United States of America. From New York City to Los Angeles, playing pinball was against the law. Pinball was considered to be a gambling game due to the limited amount of skill involved in playing the popular game.

Now, you may be asking yourself why they considered the fabulous game of pinball to require little to no skill. At this point in time, the ‘flippers’ were not a part of the game. Instead, those playing the game actually had to tilt, shake or move the machine to direct the pinball.

Overtime, the law was retracted. However, some towns and cities are just now removing the law!

Uncle Fester Would Be Proud

With so many pinball machine themes on the market, could you guess which pinball machine is still the best selling pinball machine out there? If you guessed, The Addams Family, you’re correct.

The machine was introduced in 1991, and continues to outsell all other pinball machines available.

Who Makes Pinball Machines?

The Stern Pinball company and factory in Chicago, Illinois is the only large manufacturer of pinball machines left. Jersey Jack Pinball is also producing pinball machines. Jersey Jack Pinball is known for their most recent machine – the 75thAnniversary Wizard of Oz pinball machine.

Each Part of the Machine Has a Name
Think you know all the parts of a pinball machine? Are you sure? Check out the list below:

Kickers and Slingshots
Holes and Saucers
Spinners and Rollovers
Switches, Gates and Stoppers
Toys, Magnets, and Captive Balls
And those are only the start!

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