The History of Donkey Kong

People all over the world can identify the Frogger character and have fond memories of the classic arcade game. As part of the golden age of arcade games, this vintage video game tasks the player with the objective of getting the frog safely back to his home. However, a variety of hazards stand in his way – from passing traffic to crocodiles.

As one of the most recognizable video games, Frogger has risen to success through a variety of adaptations, sequels, movie and TV appearances and so much more.

Are you a Frogger expert? If so, see if you can pass this Frogger quiz!

1) In what year was Frogger introduced?
a) 1979

b) 1982

c) 1985

d) 1981


2) What was Frogger’s original working title?
a) Highway Crossing Frog

b) Frog with far too much courage

c) Daring Frog

d) Get Frog Back to Home

3) By 2005, how many copies of Frogger were sold worldwide?
a) 24 billion

b) 10 million

c) 4

d) 20 million


4) Which of these hazards is not present in the original Frogger game?
a) Trucks

b) Tidal Waves

c) Dune Buggies

d) Turtles


5) What was the name of the unofficial Frogger sequel created by Sega?
a) Croak

b) Frogger 2

c) Ribbit

d) Hop Frog, Hop


Think you passed the test?

Check the answers below. In the meantime, if you’re looking to play the traditional vintage Frogger arcade game, be sure to check out one of our many auctions. You might just find what you’re looking for.