Are You A Skee-Ball Master? Take Our Quiz!

As one of the most popular arcade and entertainment venue games, skee-ball quickly rose to popularity in the early 1900s. Do you claim to be a skee-ball aficionado? If so, you can easily pass this quiz!


1. What Princeton University alumni patented the game?
a. J.D. Scrubs

b. Jonathan Dickinson Este

c. Jack Daniels

d. Jacob Dangerfield


2. Why Was the Game of Skee-Ball Created?
a. He got bored and wanted to play a new game.

b. Out of a bet.

c. As a gift for his son.

d. As a new and improved version of a previous game.


3. What Was the Original Name of the Game?
a. Box Ball

b. Roller Ball

c. Skippee Ball

d. JD Ball


4. When Were the First Skee-Ball Lanes Manufactured?
a. 1909

b. 1920

c. 1914

d. 1910


5. How Long Were the First Manufactured Skee-Ball Lanes?
a. 36 ft.

b. 20 ft.

c. 40 ft.

d. 13 ft.


6. During What Decade Was Electricity Added to the Game?
a. 1940s

b. 1950s

c. 1960s

d. 1930s


7. Who Formed Skee-Ball, Inc.?
a. J.D. Estes

b. The Walt Disney Company

c. Nintendo

d. Philadelphia Toboggan Company


Is Skee-Ball Your Favorite Classic Arcade Game?

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1. b

2. c

3. a

4. c

5. a

6. b

7. d