Bars + Arcade Games = Awesome Night With Friends

Have you ever been out for drinks with friends and thought, “Man, I really want to play Frogger right now”? If so, your wishes have been heard and answered across the country. All over our great nation, bars with arcades are popping up. These one of a kind bars have the vintage arcade games you’ve been searching for and the drinks you crave. Check out some of these infamous bars across the country where you can get your game on!

Barcade – Brooklyn, NY

If you find yourself strolling around Brooklyn, NY and in search of a good time and great drinks, you owe it to yourself to stop by this aptly named bar – Barcade. As the original ‘barcade’, this unique bar is packed with the greatest games of the Golden Age of Arcade Games and so much more. From a great selection of brews on tap to the best arcade games by far, you’re sure to find yourself spending hours upon hours at Barcade!

EightyTwo – Los Angeles, CA

In addition to the best arcade games, EightyTwo in Downtown LA boasts an entire room of vintage pinball machines. Score! At EightyTwo, you and your friends will have access to over 21 classic arcade games to play, pinball machines to browse, and don’t forget the extensive full bar and menu.

Emporium – Chicago, IL

Much like other barcades, Emporium is no exception when it comes to a wide array of arcade game options. From classic arcade games to exhilarating pinball machines, you’ll find yourself spellbound by all the games available! This colorful bar also offers a variety of events, from live music to tournaments. The next time you are in Chicago, don’t forget to stop by Emporium!

16-Bit – Columbus and Cleveland, OH

When it comes to having the best vintage arcade games, brews and cocktails in Ohio, your only stop is to 16-Bit. With two locations in the state, you’ll be able to spend the night amongst friends, great games, and tasty drinks. 16-Bit is also known for their exciting tournaments, events, and drink specials, so be sure to stop by if you find yourself in Ohio any time soon!

Two Bits – Nashville, TN

Looking for some good arcade fun and delectible food in Music City? If so, head on over to Nashville’s own Two Bits. The best part about this barcade? Freeplay. All games are free! With local brews and a wide selection of gourmet food options, you can’t go wrong at Two Bits.

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