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Think You Know Luigi?

Think You Know Luigi? As the fraternal twin brother of the famous Nintendo character, Mario, Luigi earned a following of his own as the taller brother with a distinctive green outfit and a knack for saving Mario. Do you know everything there is to know about the other Mario Bros.

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Have you played BurgerTime?

Have you played BurgerTime? Who doesn’t love a good hamburger? As part of the Golden Age of Arcade Games, BurgerTime was among the popular choices for video game players. The cute and witty game play and design was perfect for the arcade game scene at that time. Created in 1982,

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Is Wario Such a Bad Guy?

Is Wario Such a Bad Guy? Created to be the antagonist to the ever-popular Mario, Wario was designed to be the antagonist in the dynamic relationship. The character first appeared as himself in the 1992 video game on the Game Boy – Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins. Prior

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Q*Bert – The Lovable, Swearing Arcade Game Character

Q*Bert – The Lovable, Swearing Arcade Game Character Described as a “rare arcade success” by Jeff Gerstmann of GameSpot, the lovable arcade game character called Q*Bert left a lasting impression on the arcade game scene. First appearing in 1982, the two dimensional game was received with raving reviews and a positive reception.

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Do You Know All About Asteroids?

Do You Know All About Asteroids? If you’re a vintage arcade game fanatic, you have most likely played the popular game known as Asteroids. In this classic game, players had the task of shooting and destroying asteroids and saucers in the asteroid field. In addition, players had to avoid the

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