Crazy Fun Facts About Street Fighter

If you’re a fan of classic arcade games, you’ve definitely played one or more of the Street Fighter arcade games in your lifetime. Known as Capcom’s biggest success, the Street Fighter series gained a lot of attention, profit and play for video game enthusiasts. Check out these facts about the well-received game.

Street Fighter II Was Much More Popular Than The Original

The first Street Fighter game was released in 1987. While it was a popular choice in the arcades, the release of Street Fighter II in 1991 garnered much more attention and praise. Many consider the first Street Fighter game to be the foundation for many of the controls, powers, and characters seen later in the series.

Street Fighter Was Thought to Have “No Lasting Appeal”

The original Street Fighter arcade game did have a good reception upon release. However, one review did not think so! C+VG is quoted as saying that Street Fighter had “no lasting appeal whatsoever”. Clearly, the game series proved them quite wrong.

One Version of the Game Really Used Pressure

While many quote that the game does put a lot of pressure on the gamer, one version of the game really did use pressure! Instead of the six buttons, you had two punch and kick panels. The strength and power of your attack was based upon how hard your pushed the panels.

Street Fighter II Was the Top Selling Game in the Series

By 1993, only two years after its release, Street Fighter II had generated over $1.5 billion in sales. Two years later, the sales of Street Fighter II and Street Fighter II: Champion Edition had massed over $2.312 billion in gross revenue!

The Arcade Game Series Has a Guinness Record!

The entire Street Fighter arcade game series was named “The Most Prolific Fighting Game Series” by the Guinness World Records organization in 2011. With over 133 versions of the game, it is no wonder the series holds this title.

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