Did you know these 10 facts about Space Invaders?

Space Invaders is commonly referred to as the video game that revolutionized the arcade and video game industry. Whether you played it as a child in your local arcade, or played one of the remakes and sequels on your game console or online, Space Invaders has paved the way for the future of arcade and video games. Check out these 10 awesome facts about the legendary Space Invaders vintage arcade game:

  • 1. Tomohiro Nishikado, the creator and developer of Space Invaders, drew inspiration from The War of the Worlds, Breakout, and Star Wars.
  • 2. At the time of creation and development, the microcomputers in Japan were not powerful enough to handle the complex tasks related to the design and programming of Space Invaders. Nishikado then designed his own hardware and developmental tools to make the game a reality.
  • 3. The music in Space Invaders actually interacts with the on-screen animation and influences the emotions of the player. Space Invaders was one of the first classic video games to implement this styling of music.
  • 4. Space Invaders was one of the earliest shooting games in the arcade game market. This paved the way for future shooting games.
  • 5. The classic arcade game was the first to coin the concept of achieving a high score.
  • 6. Space Invaders actually was the inspiration for a French urban artist known as Invader.
  • 7. Rumor has it that the game was so popular that it caused a yen shortage in Japan. The rumor however, has not yet been proven after three decades.
  • 8. The game was originally released in a cocktail-table arcade game format and was converted to a cabinet format for the Western release.
  • 9. As seen by the design, the aliens were modeled after octopuses, squids and crabs.
  • 10. The game became so popular that the media began to speculate whether arcade games would rot the minds of the players and also coined the phrase (and apparent fear) of ‘Space Invaders wrist’ – which occurred from playing the game for too long.
  • 5. The classic arcade game was the first to coin the concept of achieving a high score.

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