Do You Know All About Asteroids?

If you’re a vintage arcade game fanatic, you have most likely played the popular game known as Asteroids. In this classic game, players had the task of shooting and destroying asteroids and saucers in the asteroid field. In addition, players had to avoid the oncoming counter fire from saucers and dodge collisions with both asteroids and saucers. Are you a hardcore asteroids fan? If so, see if you can pass our quiz. (Answers below)

1. Who created and designed Asteroids?

(a) Calvin and Hobbes
(b) Lyle Rains and Ed Logg
(c) Stan Miller and Donald Smith
(d) Michael Schwartz

2. When was Asteroids released?

(a) November 1979
(b) December 1981
(c) April 1978
(d) June 1980

3. As Atari’s best selling game of all time, how many units of Asteroids were sold?

(a) Over 98,000
(b) Over 85,000
(c) Over 70,000
(d) Over 45, 000

4. John McAllister currently holds the world record for most points earned while playing the arcade game Asteroids. What is his record?

(a) 41,336,440
(b) 41,338,740
(c) 41,876,930
(d) 41,078,250

5. What was the name of the Asteroids sequel?

(a) Asteroids II
(b) Asteroids Attack
(c) Asteroids – The Sequel
(d) Asteroids – Deluxe

6. Because of the game’s popularity, what needed to be modified to accommodate extensive game play?

(a) Game time
(b) Graphics
(c) Larger coin boxes
(d) The plot

Did you master our Asteroids quiz? Find out below.

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