Do you know what a multicade is?

Have you ever been in an arcade, playing your favorite game, and suddenly find yourself wanting to play an entirely different game? When you end your game and go to the next machine, you find yourself waiting in line to get a turn. Annoying right? Luckily, there is a solution.

Have you ever heard of a multicade?

Instead of going from arcade game to arcade game, you can play all of your all-time favorite classic arcade games in a single machine. That’s right. A multicade machine can contain 60-400 games in a single cabinet.

With a multicade unit, you can spend hours upon hours playing your absolute favorite vintage arcade games. Popular multicade games include:

Ms. Pac-Man
Donkey Kong
And more!

Multicades can be used everywhere

Do you long for the days when you could grab a bag of quarters and head to your local arcade? So do we. Luckily, multicades are sold all over the country to individuals looking to relive their arcade glory days. Whether you want your multicade for your family entertainment center, man cave or as a gift, you can get your multicade from all over the nation. Do you own a rental property? Be sure to add a multicade to entice individuals to rent! The minute they see the entertaining plethora of arcade games in the condo, cabin or other type of rental space, they’ll be waiting to sign on the dotted line!

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