Arcade Machines Auction FAQs

What time does the actual auction start?

All sales start @ 10:00am unless otherwise noted.

What are the fees charged by the auction company to sell an item?

There is a $15 per item registration fee to enter the item into the auction. There is also a commission charged once the item is sold. This commission works on a sliding scale. The Commission is 10% with a minimum charge of $10 per item and a maximum charge of $100 per item.

When can we bring the items to be consigned to the auction location?

The items are accepted on Friday the day before the auction. The times are from noon until 9pm. We also accept items on Saturday the morning of the auction from 8am – 10am.

How long do we have to remove our purchases from the auction location?

The items need to be paid for and removed from the auction site the day of the sale. We have staff members and equipment to help load your purchases. Items may be paid for and removed immediately after winning the bid for said item.

Is there a preview time to inspect the equipment before the auction?

Yes. You may preview the equipment before the auction. Equipment can be viewed & inspected the Friday night prior to the auction from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. The doors open at 8:00 a.m. on the day of the sale and you may use this time for previewing equipment as well. You are also encouraged to bring an extension cord with you to plug in and test any item you may have an interest in before you place a bid as all sales are final.

Is there a list of items for sale at the auctions?

No. There is not an actual list of items for sale, as this is a consignment type auction. Equipment to be sold is brought to the sale site and checked in on the Friday before the sale. As a result we have no way of knowing what will be there until equipment actually arrives on site and is consigned to be sold. If you are looking for something in particular, we may be able give you information on similar equipment from previous auctions.

Do you have a catalog with prices available?

No. This is a consignment auction and items are not available to purchase prior to the auction.

What are the accepted methods of payment for the items purchased?

Cash, Cashiers Checks, Company Checks with a Bank Letter of Guarantee, & Credit Cards (VISA, MC, DISCOVER & AMEX). No personal checks!

Can you place bids on an item without actually attending the auction?

No. You must be present to bid on items at these consignment auctions. Online & Phone bidding are options for liquidation auctions only.
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