Have you played BurgerTime?

Who doesn’t love a good hamburger? As part of the Golden Age of Arcade Games, BurgerTime was among the popular choices for video game players. The cute and witty game play and design was perfect for the arcade game scene at that time. Created in 1982, the classic game was originally named Hamburger. The name was changed to BurgerTime upon introduction to the North American arcade market.

Game play

Throughout the game, users control Chef Peter Pepper who has found himself transported into a world of living food. An odd concept, but it worked! In this world, he finds out that Hot Dogs, Pickles and Eggs want to stop Chef Peter Pepper from creating his delectable hamburger creations. He arms himself with a peppershaker and sets off to make delicious hamburgers and defeat the living food enemies.

Players of BurgerTime control Chef Peter Pepper through multiple platforms. The object of the game is to build as many burgers as possible during game play. In order to accomplish this task, users have Chef Peter Pepper walk over the ingredients on a platform, which then fall. By successfully walking over and dropping all the ingredients, the hamburgers are created and the level is complete.

However, while you are attempting to build the hamburgers, you are also being chased by Hot Dogs, Pickles and Eggs. Sounds like a bad nightmare, doesn’t it? In order to defend yourself against these enemies, you can use your peppershaker to stun them, crush them with a falling ingredient, or trick them into walking onto a dropping ingredient.

BurgerTime Arcade Popularity

Similar to most video games during the Golden Age of Arcade Games, this game became quite popular. In fact, it became so popular that spin-offs and other versions were created to accommodate the demand. Spin-offs and sequels included:

BurgerTime Delight
BurgerTime World Tour
Peter Pepper’s Ice Cream Factory
Super BurgerTime


The success of BurgerTime also led to multiple home computer and console versions, including:

Apple II
Atari 2600
BBC Micro
Commodore 64
Mattel Aquarius



BurgerTime was quite the successful video game and still receives pop culture references and attention to this date. Most recently, you can find Chef Peter Pepper and a plethora of other classic arcade game characters in Disney’s Wreck It Ralph movie.

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