How To Win At The Infamous Crane Arcade Game

How many times have you been in an arcade and you get instantly frustrated when you spot the crane machine? The crane is a game that requires a certain skill to lower a mechanical claw into a glass box in hopes of grabbing the prize you want. It’s quite deceiving because it looks like it would be a piece of cake, but those playing the game rarely win. It’s very possible to win but you need patience and you need to know when to quit. Simply follow these tips and tricks to conquer the crane.

Understanding The Machine

You may not know this but the claw has actually been programmed to close. Most machines have been programmed in a way that the claw will be loose a majority of the time. However, the claw will tighten once every so often which makes it so that you can only win sometimes. Other machines have been programmed with a dual strength setting that causes the claw to grip with full strength at first and become loose after a certain amount of time. This makes it seem that you managed to grab the prize but it slipped away. This is maddening! Depending on how the machine was programmed or the age of the machine, it may depend on luck rather than skill. You must accept this and move on if you want to win the game.

Pick The Right Machine

Choose the machine with a joystick and drop button versus a machine that only has a right and forward button. The latter machine will not give you the chance to adjust after you have pressed and released each button once and the claw has dropped down.

Choose Your Prize Carefully

You may really want the toy that looks trapped but just forget about it. It’s a much brighter idea to use the following guidelines to enhance your chances of winning:

Avoid toys that are sitting against the glass.
Choose a toy that’s on top of the pile. If it’s slightly wedged, it probably won’t come up.
It’s better to avoid round toys since it’s likely that it will slip.
Position The Claw Over Your Target
If you are doing left-right, it’s best to stand in front of the machine. However, if you are doing forward-back, it’s best to stand beside the machine. Also, try not to focus on the mirror inside the machine. It’s there to throw you off.

Focus On The Claw

Once you think you’re in the right position to get the prize you want, drop the claw, and focus! Some claws are rigged to drift or move unexpectedly. Try again if the claw grabbed your target and dropped it.

Try Again But Know When To Quit

If you didn’t get it, don’t despair! Just try again. In fact, it may take a couple of tries to get the hang of the machine. If you’re playing for the sake of the game, play to your heart’s content. But, if you’re playing with a purpose and becoming increasingly annoyed, it may be time to give the game a rest for now.

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