Is Wario Such a Bad Guy?

Created to be the antagonist to the ever-popular Mario, Wario was designed to be the antagonist in the dynamic relationship. The character first appeared as himself in the 1992 video game on the Game Boy – Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins. Prior to this appearance, Wario’s character and appearance was actually on the video game Wrecking Crew as the character named Spike in 1985.
Designed by Hiroji Kiyotake, Wario was named after the Japanese adjective, warui, which means ‘bad’. Therefore, ‘bad Mario’ was born and made it quite easy to flip the ‘M’ to a ‘W’. In his video game appearances, Wario is often portrayed as a villain. In reality, the video game designers intended for Wario to simply be more masculine than the other goofy characters. Instead of being a character with evil tendencies, they actually intended for Wario to display his strength, recklessness, and macho personality.

Friend or Foe?

Because of the large similarities in name and style of dress, Wario and Mario are often compared as each other’s alter egos. Although Nintendo has never stated whether this was true or not, one cannot help but compare the two characters. Wario is known for his greed, impulsive behavior, and intense strength, whereas Mario seems to be a bit of a goody two-shoes in comparison!Wario has appeared in a multitude of Nintendo video games since his origin in 1992. From playing the antagonist in games such as the 1994 game Wario’s Woods, to leading his own series entitled “WarioWare”, Wario is quite the diverse video game character.

Video Game Experiences

Wario has appeared in multiple video games over the years. From leading his own series to racing other Nintendo characters in Mario Kart, he’s certainly made his mark. Check out some of the video games he’s been in:

Mario & Wario
Wario Land series
Mario Kart series
Super Mario 64 DS
Super Smash Bros. Series
Mario & Luigi: Super Star Saga
And so many more
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