Top 4 Classic Arcade Games of All Time

During the Golden Age of Arcade Games, the amount of games on the market was plentiful. However, several vintage arcade games stood out from the crowd. Their popularity was remarkably notable, not only by the amount of revenue generated from the coin-operated games, but also by their influence in pop culture.

Although this list can vary by opinion, we’ve compiled our top 4 favorite arcade games based off of their generated revenue.

4. Defender

The gameplay in this classic arcade game was considered quite sophisticated for the time period and level of technology available to developers. The intricate challenge associated with Defenders drew crowds upon crowds of arcade players looking to learn and conquer the shooter game.

By 1982, Defender garnered over $100,000,000 in revenue and sold over 55,000 cabinets.

3. Donkey Kong

We all have played Donkey Kong at some point in our lives! The crazy ape took hold of our hearts and quickly became a well-known pop culture icon, appearing in multiple video games, franchise merchandise and even television shows.

Donkey Kong was so incredibly popular that by 1982, the game made over $280,000,000 for Nintendo! Although the lovable plumber, Mario, actually gained more popularity out of the game, Donkey Kong nonetheless took hold of the arcade game market during the Golden Age of Arcade Games.

2. Space Invaders

Did you know that by 1982, Space Invaders generated far over $2,000,000,000? Crazy right? This innovative arcade game sparked the Golden Age of Arcade Games and captured the attention of arcade game enthusiasts from the start.

This game was so incredibly popular that it was said to have caused a yen shortage in Japan! However, this claim has yet to be proven true.

1. Pac-Man

Pac-Man chomped his way into the top spot through his intriguing maze gameplay. With the notable “woka-woka” sound to the lovable ghosts, Pac-Man made a large impact on the world as we know it today.

In fact, Pac-Man was so popular that the game was noted as generating $2,500,000,000+ by the year 2000. Inflated for today’s market, that number is enormous! With his merchandise, television shows, spin off games and more, Pac-Man clearly was the ruler of video games at this time (and today!).

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