Worldwide Arcade Phenomenon: Dance Dance Revolution

Left, left, right, up, down, right, down. While this may sound like a cheat code to many to many arcade junkies, this actually refers to the way you play the popular arcade and in-home game, Dance Dance Revolution.

This one-of-a-kind game sparked a revolution in the industry. Requiring physical skill and an elite level of concentration, this game took the world by storm in the late 90s.

The Japanese Market

Konami released Dance Dance Revolution in Japanese arcades in September 1998. While this game caught fire in the Asian market, many industry professionals thought that the game was too out there for American markets. Clearly, these professionals were wrong!

Now, one cannot go to an arcade of any sort without seeing at least one DDR cabinet. The success of the arcade game brought on a surge of gamers purchasing an in-home version for PlayStation and other popular consoles, such as Game Cube.

The American Market Challenge

The gaming industry experiences a lot of controversy for the extended amount of time spent not exercising. For many, DDR was a way to alleviate this. Schools even started adding DDR to their gym classes and free time to entertain and exercise students.

While many may see this aspect of the game as a benefit, others see it as another obstacle.

This was only one of the challenges the game faced early on. In addition to the required physical activity, the graphics and music did not really fit with the American love of graphic explosions, action, fighting, and even cartoons. The graphics were considered once again too out there for the market. Yet, the arcade goers seemed to look past that factor as their love of the game grew.

Today DDR is still a popular arcade choice for gamers and continues to be one of the most frequented cabinets at arcades and entertainment venues across the world.

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